What to Do If You Are Stuck at Heathrow Airport

As one of the busiest international airports, Heathrow hosts many tourists every year, regardless of their final destination. However, the unpredictable nature of air traffic may results in long delay of flights. Here are some guides on spending your time enjoyably if you are stuck at Heathrow Airport.

For ladies who want to have a shopping experience in London without even stepping out from the airport, Heathrow offers many stores that feature fashion, accessories, and beauty products of a high quality. If you have a fine taste for fashion, you can even find designer brands here, such as Bally, Burberry, and Cartier, all while you are waiting for your flight to get to your final spot.

To many, Harrods is one of the landmark of London where you can enjoy the quality products of this historical department store. If you are stuck at Heathrow Airport and worry that you will not have the opportunity to go visit Harrods, rest assured that you can still purchase its signature souvenirs at the airport. Located in all terminals, the Harrods department store in Heathrow allows you to get your relatives and friends the beloved Wellington plush bear, and the various patterns of tote bags, including Harrods’ famous Westie collection.

After hours of browsing and shopping, now you may want to enjoy fine dining with your family or friends. Heathrow provides a great variety of high-end restaurants that will allow you to enjoy a nice meal before boarding to your next flight. For example, if you are craving seafood while waiting for your flight, you would find the Caviar House and Prunier Seafood House a great spot to enjoy quality cuisine before embarking on your journey. Heathrow is also home to many other types of cuisine, including American, French, and Italian.

If you would do a bit more last-minute shopping, make sure you check out the duty-free stores in Heathrow hotels which feature high-end wines, leading-brand cosmetics, skin care products, tobacco, and confectionery. Not only will you be able to purchase products of high quality with low prices, you will even be able to treat your family and friends back home with original products from London.