Five Things to Know When Buying a Wholesale Designer Handbag

The love for designer handbags has been immortal when it comes to women! The serious shopaholic is determined to get the wholesale designer handbag in their couch before anyone can ‘bag’ the credit. If you are one of those who are thinking of buying a designer bag and are unsure, here comes some of the most effective things to note when buying an exquisite handbag.

1. Knowing the popular brands

You can find Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior and many more brands easily in the market. Each brand has their own designs and comes with their own price ranges. While brands like Gucci are popular for their tote bags, you might want to decide which brand you want to go with first. There are even newer brands coming up in the fashion market, so you need to be abreast with these popular brands.

2. Know about the different styles

Hobo, satchel, messenger, shoulder bag, clutch, tote are the different designs of handbags that are available. The wearer can pick from the choice fitting her need. The space and the hanging options are different for the models. Tote bags and shoulder bags offer you the comfort you need and have large spaces for you to carry all your daily needs. Clutch bags are smaller and are your choice if you want to carry around something smaller with an amazing style and design.

3. Evaluate the models of the wholesale designer handbags

You need an expert eye to distinguish between the real designer handbags and the ‘reproduced’ ones. Try to know the name of the model and if it coincides with any brand. Next, check the material used like the leather, nickel, silver etc. The stamps and the serial codes are also important to know before buying a wholesale designer handbag.

4. Try to get the bag authenticated

This is important! You can always ask the sellers for the authentication; just to be sure they are not selling you anything but the genuine product. Most of the time, the seller agrees on the money-back policy. There is online verification or you can physically touch the bag to get ‘genuine’ feel. With authentic wholesale designer handbag web sites, you can always ask for a refund if any seller is faking the original product.

5. Even for the used designer bags, research the handbag

It might not always be possible to buy the newest designer bags. There are many shops as well as online web sites selling the used designer bags and new wholesale designer handbags. You can verify the authenticity by the previous user’s feedback. If you are buying a designer bag online, buy a wholesale designer handbag. This is the way to go to get a new handbag at a big saving. Buying online is a safe option these days and can get you some great deals.