Common Benefits of Buying Wholesale Designer Handbags

It has become the order of the day but it is quite expensive making it even more alluring. One of the best ways to own branded handbags is to buy wholesale designer handbags. In addition to clothes, shoes, and jewellery, handbags are the next important accessories which are flaunted by women. Today handbags are more than just simple accessories; it has become a status symbol.

Buying Wholesale Designer Handbags

It is chic and elegant manufactured by some of the most famous branded companies. Buying wholesale designer handbags has a number of advantages. You can easily buy different varieties of branded handbags at comparatively lower price rates. In this way there is no need to spend huge amounts of money to buy designer handbags of different varieties.

Its remain in style forever no matter for how long. There are quite a number of online sites that sell designer handbags in bulks at attractive price rates. Some of the most popular designer handbags include Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and so forth. All these handbags are expensive and popular for its unique and distinctive appearance.

The Coach designer handbags are among the most popular handbags which can be bought in bulks at reduced rates. Most of the branded outlets sell wholesale designer handbags at attractive price rates. With a wide variety of Coach Handbags, buying them in wholesale rates is an excellent idea to obtain some of the best collections of it to compliment different outfits.

Another variety of it which can be bought in wholesale rates include the Prada handbags. Available in noted and attractive colors, the Prada handbags are considered one among millions.

Most of it is trendy and timeless. It tends to last longer and stays in fashion for many years together. Being manufactured by some of the best designers in the world, most of these handbags are durable and of superior quality. These handbags are made of finest leather, exquisite fabrics and quality embellishments.

You can also find attractive varieties when you buy it. Handbags with zippers and locks, magnetic buttons and beautiful embellishments can be found on these designer handbags. Some of the most exclusive varieties of leather are also used for the manufacture of it.

Differently shaped it can also be obtained by buying in bulks. Some of the most popular varieties include the Hobo bags, Bucket bags, wedding bags, shoulder bags and Tote bags. Shoulder bags are among the most demanded varieties of it. It can be bought in different colors and textures.

Another variety of it include the Tote bags which can also be bought in bulk at reasonable rates. Flaunted mostly in summers, these attractive bags are available in different colors and designs. You can choose different colored handbags to compliment different types of summer outfits.

As there are a number of online sites that offer at reduced price rates, it is very important to buy it from reputed and authentic dealers listed in the online stores.

Be Cool With the Right Designer Cologne

Fast fact: The human nose has 200 unique types of nasal receptors with 50 million neurons! Unlike the four other sensory organs, it is only the nose that sends messages directly to the emotional center of our brains. This explains why a particular scent induces varying reactions from humans – memories and desires, adoration and repulsion, heaven and hell. And even when two people react similarly, the intensity differs!

For this reason, choosing the right designer cologne can be a matter of life and death. Or more appropriately, love and hate.

Criteria for Choosing Colognes

The designer cologne you have been lusting after could or could not be for you. If possible, you have to subject it to rigorous testing. We are not talking about marketing strategies, product reviews, perfect packaging, and designer labels here, though you can also consider aesthetic values and designer prestige part of your criteria albeit as secondary factors only.

More importantly, you have to choose the designer cologne based on the following primary criteria, which you can remember as the 4S:

Smell – If possible, smell the cologne. You have to smell it to determine if you like the tones and notes present. You have to remember that your cologne often tells your personality, your mood and your style.

Skin – Dab a bit of the cologne on your wrist and see how it interacts with your skin. You have to assess if you are allergic to the ingredients and if you like the smell it makes when it comes in contact with your skin. Tip: oily skin reacts best to summertime colognes while dry skin go well with winter colognes.

Size – Colognes come in varying sizes. You have to decide on the size of the designer cologne you want to tote around. You can ask yourself questions like how often you expect to wear it, where will you spray it on, and what purpose do you have for putting it on. However, remember that since colognes are often sprayed, you might need a bigger bottle than you would a perfume.

Shell Out – Like any other market commodity, colognes have varying costs. Obviously, the designer cologne can cost more than the non-designer cologne beside it.

When you have decided to purchase the cologne because it suits your criteria, the next thing to do is to take to heart (or to nose) cologne etiquette. (Yes, sir. Miss Manners can say etiquette and cologne in one breath without gagging)

Mind Your Scent

With scents, you can either be a seduction goddess or a sadistic dominatrix. In this sense, wearing just the right amount of cologne can make or break you.

Layer your scents. Your bath soap, anti-perspirant, aftershave and cologne must have similar notes lest you smell like a walking contradiction.

Spray on your pulse points only. When you literally bathe with the cologne, you are violating the right to fresh air of the people unfortunate to be within inhaling distance. Besides, you come off as cheap and crass! However, if you wish, you can also mist yourself with the designer cologne – spray into the air and walk into it but not if you are wearing silk!

Renew cologne only within 2 hours. Your nose gets used to the scent and your seatmate will be the one suffering from your overpowering smell if you spray more. Have mercy on other noses!

The rule of thumb is that if you cannot smell your cologne despite repeated spraying and dabbing, other people most probably can. Lay off for a while and let your olfactory organ rest.

Designer Colognes Galore!

Depending on the depth of your nose’s desire and the depths of your pockets, you can have the designer cologne of your most aromatic dreams. Consider the following designer-label colognes:

Bvlgari pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray and Burberry for Men, both very affordable without stinting on quality. Bvlgari’s cologne is a man’s scent with lighter overtones while Burberry’s cologne is crisp.

Must de Cartier pour Homme is pricier but is definitely worth it especially with the tonka beans and vanilla tones.

Hugo by Hugo Boss is definitely one you have to either love or hate – no middle ground! For lovers, it is one of the most romantic colognes you can have in your seduction arsenal.
Polo by Ralph Lauren that every gender simply loves.

What are you waiting for? Get that designer cologne and start raking ’em ladies (or gents) in with your cool scent!

Rent Handbags – Save on Style!

The concept and service of handbag rentals has actually been around for a few years, but it’s just now starting to pick up steam. With the often absurd price tags attached to high-end luxury accessories, a lot of fashion enthusiasts are resolved to merely window shopping and doing without the quality products that they would like to own. On top of that, even when one can manage to scrape together enough cash to purchase an extravagant purse or handbag, it’s not uncommon for it to go out of style by the next season.

Possibly taking cues from Netflix, a couple different companies have answered the call and made designer handbags available as rentals to those who probably could not afford them otherwise. The two companies dominating the handbag rental business right now are Bag, Borrow, or Steal and From Bags to Riches. The former of the two recently landed a prominent product placement in the new Sex and the City movie, which has served to boost the company’s popularity and brandability, considerably.

By offering purse rentals for as little as $6 a week (in some lower-end cases), these companies have made it possible for the “average” American to walk down the street carrying the latest Burberry, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton bag (and just about every other designer you can think of). The renter may keep the bag for as long as they like, and when they’re finished they either return it or exchange it for a new bag. In the event that their customers become terribly attached to the rented purse, they take into account a few factors pertaining to the purse (age, condition) and then give the customer a fair price that they can purchase it at – usually significantly less than it would cost to buy the purse brand new.

In the past, many who wanted designer handbags have settled for counterfeits. Some counterfeit bags are created so masterfully that the average handbag aficionado can’t tell the difference. Of course, there are those that can tell the difference, and that fact alone makes many people hesitant to be seen wearing something that may be obviously fake to someone. Handbag rentals are an ideal alternative because you still get the huge price break, and to sweeten the deal you get a 100% genuine designer bag to tote around.

On the downside, the most popular bags (specifically the ones that celebrities have been spotted with that month) tend to get snatched up quickly, and in order to get your hands on one you might have to get on a waiting list.

In addition to their handbag collection, Bag, Borrow, or Steal also recently added jewelry, as well as sunglasses to their roster. The idea of renting sunglasses doesn’t seem quite as clever to me, but I suppose designer sunglasses can also get into pretty daunting price ranges.

If you decide to rent a purse from another purse rental company (aside from the two reputable ones mentioned above), be sure to do your research online and make sure they are a legitimate company that is lending out authentic handbags. With all the attention handbag rentals are getting lately, it’s inevitable that the crooks will be trying to get a piece of the action soon. So, do your homework, and happy borrowing!

Handbag Defines the Style of a Woman

Nowadays, women need handbags not just as “functional” equipment to carry her things, like wallets, cellphone,cosmetic products, a mirror and other things around, but more for the statement it makes of her. Her clothes, shoes and jewelry together with the right handbag completes the overall look and the woman will be able to project a truly refined image.

Choosing the right accessories, handbags included is an art that women learn or acquired since young. A woman’s choice of handbag has always being very personal. Choosing the right one is not only limited to what looks good but feels good as well and also whether she is comfortable with it or not.

For  everyday use, younger women may prefer shoulder style handbags with contemporary designs that are reflective of their age as well as their lifestyle. The handbags they choose are usually made of denim or are quilted slung on the shoulders of younger women. Some may prefer leather handbags while others may prefer handbags made of water-proof materials. For older women, they may go for handbags that are more formal and classic in designs. The variations of handbags seem endless with many choices to choose from. Women can select from the many types and styles available on the market either offline or online to suit their every wants and needs for any particular occasion.

Women’s handbag preferences may  change as they age. They may choose styles that are not only age-appropriate but also befitting to their social status and lifestyle. For instance, career women are more likely to go for the sleek, structured shoulder bags for a more businesslike look,whilst artists may go for the whimsical tote that gives them a more creative vibe. Many women would like to carry designers handbags regardless of their authenticity. The sentimental woman may choose a vintage looking handbag while the less affordable or budget- conscious may make do with replica designers handbags. Of course, there will be always be those women who will only use top quality handbags made by the likes of Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Coach and other  fashion bigwigs.

As the choice of the handbag is very personal and if  you have to choose a handbag has a gift for a woman, try recalling the types of handbags you have seen her carrying in the past or anything she had mentioned about a particular handbag that she has been eying on. For a man who is in doubt, it is better to consult the sales assistant or any other woman before making the final choice. Usually  the experienced sales staff who have been properly  trained, will have the knack of recommending just the right handbag for the person.

In conclusion, a handbag is not merely an accessory but it has become a fashion statement to a woman.