Designer Bags, Purses and Handbags

A handbag is one of your best friends, whether, it be a shoulder bag, a satchel or a tote; it is very useful. Most of you do not just pick up any bag but usually prefer a designer bag. Designer purses, designer handbag or designer handbags are your preferred choices for it is very durable, stylish and in fashion.

This type of bag bears the name, signature and identifying pattern of a specific designer. The popularity of the designer bag has reached its peak so that even global recession today cannot stop the sales of Coach, Louis Viutton and Gucci, withstanding its soaring prices.

The overwhelming price of the branded bags should not be that overwhelming. There are a number of truly great qualities branded handbags that deserve this high price. Women do not actually see its high cost but its durability; durability is one of the most essential requirements that every bag must possess. They rally spend a lot for a designer bag but the spending is reasonable and acceptable if they invest in a designer bag that can be used year after year.

Why do women prefer a designer bag? Human females are naturally fashionable creatures and highly trendy items always attract them. Designer handbags have all of these elegant and timeless designs and prints. That’s the fact; women just couldn’t get enough of designer purses, designer handbag and designer bags. The unique designs of Prada and Kate Spade are very flexible in terms of fashion, making every bag possible to get along with almost any outfit.

It is every woman’s dream to own a handbag or purse by Gucci, LV. Coach, Dooney and Burke and Burberry. Anna Hathaway has a Coach, Victoria Beckham has a Ralph Lauren, and Mischa Barton has a Chanel. Owning branded handbag will make you feel that Hollywood style everyone admires. If you wan to feel like these celebrities, grab a designer bag.

When a woman spends a lot of money on bags, it is not just the bag, it is more than that. Branded purses, handbags and bags will serve as the key to a perfect outfit and it is more than just its lofty price.

Current Handbag Affairs – Limiting Designer Handbag Sales & Heavy Purse Concerns

January 2008 Designer handbag woes of the month. Warnings are on Television, online and on the news. Everywhere you surf or shop, you can read about or hear about two current issues concerning a woman’s handbag:

1. Health issues concerning women who carry a heavy handbag.

2. Limiting designer handbags sales imposed by the department stores.

Do you think it’s a coincidence? First, we hear about how unhealthy handbags are becoming, and then we are told we can’t buy as many as we want. It is all quite humorous.

FIRST issue – Health Concerns and A Heavy Handbag.

The concern of health related issues around carrying a heavy handbag has been on T.V. talk shows, the news and online. When was the last time anyone wrote a story or news flash about the weight a Pharmaceutical Salesperson lugs around on his/her Doctor office visits? These folks use bags on wheels the load is so heavy! And, they do it everyday from the trunk of a car or van, up flights of stairs, on elevators, down long hallways, through crowds and some even inside and out of taxis. Or, what about the lap top industry taking notice about the weight people carry around all day to do their jobs? Most women carry a large bag because they commute to work and need extra items to make it through the day. Or, they are too busy to clean out the bag before they leave the house. Students have been lugging heavy book bags for year. What’s their health concerns? You may think it is a joke, but some women like carrying a large purse because it makes them feel smaller. There are a lot of big women who think they look strange carrying anything less than a large bag. A bag plus normal contents equals normal handbag weight.

There are many large handbag styles that weight little. Chanel, even with its long chain straps, uses light weight lamb leather and vinyl in its designs. The USA brand of Tano all-leather bags are light weight considering their size. Gucci uses monogram fabric in their construction making the bag weight tolerable.

Women who commute and travel to and from work everyday enjoy taking a bottle of water, a book to read, some munchies and female essentials. These women either carry a small purse and a second tote bag/briefcase or one large attractive designer handbag. This does not mean the same weight in a purse is carried out to dinner on a Saturday night or when shopping at the grocery store. There’s a purpose behind the heavy handbag, and it hasn’t caused any life-threatening disease. We may want to look closer at these “handbag rental” companies who pass along germs and viruses from person-to-person instead. Yuck, just the thought of using a handbag a stranger has carried is repulsive. Renting a designer handbag poses more health issues than carrying a heavy bag!

SECOND issue – Limiting designer handbag sales by the department stores.

This is such an unrealistic predictor of designer bag sales. Most of the websites in question have had a limit on the number of designer items they would sell regardless of the “breaking news.” Plus, it won’t hurt the sale or resale of designer purses. Women will buy what they want and figure out a way to get it regardless of anyone’s rules! What we should really be focused upon is the prices women pay for their fashion icon purchases. Seems like there’s a much bigger issue here than quantity. The issue should be quality and cost. The weakness of the USD plays an important part, too. Some handbags sell for the same price as a new car! That’s what we need to look at. Not, how many we are allowed to purchase, but rather how much we have to pay to own one.

The best materials come from Europe. Italy’s leather and designs have ranked the highest over the years. However, if the same bag was assembled in a more cost-effective manner, the price would be less. The hype about Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, etc. is all just a matter of taste, style and design. Some of the design houses are notorious about pricing. Others, focus more on production and distribution. Then, the counterfeit market jumps onboard and screws it up for all of us. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much women are allowed to purchase, it’s how they can figure out a way to manipulate the system to get what they want.

The best example is the Hermes Birkin bag. The bag is large, heavy, hand-held and high-priced. Most women who want one figure out a way to get it even though they are rarely available through Hermes. Look at eBay. There are sellers on eBay who list 10-15 Birkin bags. Where are they getting these bags if Hermes limits the manufacturing, distribution and resale of the coveted Birkin? Someone figured out a way to buy them regardless of the Designer’s decision for limiting sales. Honestly, most women who carry a Birkin suffer from hand, wrist and neck pain due to its weight. Even Jane Birkin herself reports she stopped carrying the bag because over time it became too painful. The empty Birkin bag outweighs any other handbag filled with a person’s daily essentials.


Are we concerned? Is there something we need to worry about? Or, is the designer handbag industry looking for ways to sell more bags? The fashion bag industry is booming. In 2005, the average cost of a designer purse the major high-end department stores was about $2000. In 2007, the same item averaged about $3000. A woman’s designer handbag wishes are here to stay regardless of health issues, availability and cost. Women get what they want, and in the fashion industry they suffer to look good! This is not going to change or fade away in the near future. So, go shopping and carry on….it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much it weighs. Every working woman deserves the designer handbag of their dreams!


Hot Handbag Trends ’09

Whether going to a formal occasion, on a night out or simply going to work, handbags are often the most important part of an outfit. This has been the case since the early 1920s, when handbags became important autonomous fashion pieces. Only 30 years later, the 1950s saw a decade where handbags were at the fore of fashion priority as women enjoyed an era of change and innovation.

Since the 1950s, popular handbag designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes have been at the fore of handbag creations that are both fashionable and functional. Especially during the 1990s, these designers and others such as Christian Dior, Fendi, Lockheart, Gucci and Prada helped to coin the term ‘it bag’ as the handbag market grew and grew. Such designers aimed to produce one stunning bag that would be the bag of the moment, a design that was popular amongst celebrities and fashionistas alike. Examples include the Hermes Birkin – named after actress Jane Birkin – the Chanel 2.55 and the Fendi B. These bags sold thousands upon thousands and have become staples in every classic dressers’ wardrobes.

Although the aforementioned handbags are high quality timeless pieces, this decade has seen a more experimental and relaxed approach to the handbag market as all different kinds of styles and patterns have been ‘in trend’ at various points. The clutch is a perennial favourite on red carpets and at formal occasions, as it is small yet long enough to accommodate a lot of content and can add a block of colour or embellishment to an otherwise simple outfit.

Messenger and sling bags have become popular for casual daytime use as they are so easy to wear. This kind of bag looks fantastic with the upcoming tribal and patterned look, as one can combine the fashionable harem pant with a fitted top and messenger bag and look dead on trend. Popular fashion magazines have also recently been championing the sling bag because it is so versatile. The Bag by Proenza Schouler is an example of a sling bag which has won critical acclaim for its ability to be worn with anything from combats to a sparkly jumpsuit.

In addition to sling and messenger bags, slouchy summer bags are also bang on trend, as are neon block colours and tribal inspired themes. Zagliani as a designer has released a collection of bags which comply with all three of these trends and will brighten up any plain outfit; the perfect choice for summer.

Recently, tote bags have also become more popular as larger bags both make women look slimmer and also can hold a lot of stuff. The Jimmy Choo Lola Jayne Bag in particular is a hot staple bag and its recent customization in different fabrics and colours ensures there will be one to suit you and your choice of trend, whether you prefer tribal, classic or the up and coming soft pastel romantic look.

This ‘romantic’ trend is all about frills, delicate accessories, intricate charm bracelets and faded colours. Burberry has pioneered this look for 2009 with the adaptation of their signature trenches to look faded and dip-dyed. At Prada, part-undone crumpled silk, hobble skirt suits combined sexy with feminine. Many bags on the high street this spring and summer 09 are going to be part of this look, combining soft texturous materials with pastel summery colours.

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High End Dog Collars

One of the hottest fashion accessories to hit the market recently are high end dog collars. And high end they can be, on the price that is! Some of the styles from Gucci, LV or Chanell can reach as much as $700! Ouch! These designer collars have always been around and always will. The average shopper simply doesn’t come into contact with them as they aren’t normally out on display.

Recently other designers, particularly those known for their handbags and accessories, have begun to get in on this lucrative market. Fashion names like Coach, Liz Claiborne, Burberry, Dooney & Bourke etc have brought the prices of these fashion dog collars down to earth. You will often find a small separate section of these adorable collars and leashes right beside your favorite hobo or tote bag!

And why not? People will pay $8 or more per gallon for bottled water so dropping a Ben Franklin on a fashion collar for your spoiled pooch is easily justified! For the fashion conscious, a matching designer dog collar to compliment your designer handbag, umbrella, scarf or other accessory is quite a statement! Not only will you both look great but little Fifi will get more of the much needed attention he craves and appreciate what you’ve done!

The quality of these collars is usually good. Of course, the $700 LV had better last a lifetime, and it probably will! The Claiborne collars are usually very affordable, under $15.00, but not of great quality and not much of a selection. The Dooney’s are usually under $40 but again, not much of a choice and the quality is not what you’d expect.

So the question remains, “Is there such a thing as affordable, stylish $30 – $50 designer collars that will hold up?” “Can I justify spending this?” Yes! The answer to that is hands down, Coach! They have a very nice variety and most of them, even the large collars, fall right within that range. Their dog collars are made of the same quality leather and hardware found in their handbags and the style tends to be a cross between high end and cute! The craftsmanship is superb. These collars aren’t going to tear or shred and they aren’t so stiff and thick as to strangle your little buddy either.

Most of the Coach dog collars come with some nice decorative hardware with room for engraving and there are many colors, sizes and styles to choose from. Much more to choose from than Dooney or Liz or anyone else. It seems this company saw the future of this fashion trend and didn’t waste any time capitalizing on it.

There are also a lot of no name companies putting very cheap “designer inspired” dog collars out on the market. They are generally not of good quality. Most of them have lots of rhinestones or fancy patterns but they will fall apart on you. The leather is not of good quality and the stitching is usually loose. For just a few more bucks you can get the quality, style and prestige that comes with a quality brand name collar.

So will Fifi be getting a high end dog collar from me? I think so! There’s plenty of these cute collars to choose from and it’s a fun little thing to do. Perhaps I’ll leave the shopping and selection up to my wife, but the Louis Vuitton is definitely out. The fact that he’s a French Poodle will not sway me on this one!