10 Triumphs and Tragedies of the 2005 Fashion Year

The good, the bad and the downright ugly fashion trends in 2005.

No one particular style stood out as being the “It” look in 2005. It was more an eclectic collection of “more is less” from the top designers, with the only real look to take home any prizes being the “boho princess” look, as epitomized by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. So here’s the lowdown on the best and worst of fashion in 2005.

1. The major no-no award goes to the “Mommy, I think I’ve got a drug problem” look, demonstrated in real life by ├╝bermodel Kate Moss, who demonstrated that despite her fall from grace, she has risen from the ashes of her drug addiction to still reign supreme. The drugged-out look was also evident in the stick-thin bodies of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. When will these girls learn that slim is OK; stick-thin screams “major eating disorder!”

2. The street boho look captured the imagination of runway onlookers around the world and while some of it looked appealing, it seemed as if a couple of international designers simply couldn’t make up their mind exactly what look they were aiming for, so scrambled together a mishmash of styles, colors and textures that looked like a bad breakfast at a second-rate diner.

3. Some of the hottest new designers like Stella McCartney and Christopher Bailey, who transformed Burberry from the ultra traditional but dowdy UK trench coat company into a design company to be reckoned with, produced awe inspiring collections with imagination, flair and great fashion sense.

4. Tacky designer copies were everywhere in 2005. From the done-to-death Louis Vuitton tote to the chic of fake Christian Dior sunglasses, it seems that everyone who can’t afford the real thing has gone for the next best thing – copies. Accepted, some of the replicas are so good it’s hard to tell the difference, but some simply scream “fake!”

5. The ugg boot is NOT a good look Pammy Anderson, no matter what or how you choose to wear them, and that goes for the rest of those women who think that ugg boots make a fine fashion statement. I’m sure they are wonderfully adept at keeping your tootsies warm while you stretch out by the fire on a cold winter’s night, but they shouldn’t leave the front door. Ugh!

6. Same goes for cowboy boots with short, floaty skirts. A well-tooled pair of cowboy boots looks sexy and stylish when paired with the right low-rider jeans, but no matter how good you think your legs may be, cowboy boots with summer-style shift dresses are a major faux pas.

7. Looking feminine with elegance was a welcome return for most of us. The return of the “black is the new black” little black dress (did it really EVER go away?) saw most of us either raid our cupboards for the LBDs we’d stored away eagerly awaiting their return or race out for the latest look, while long floaty skirts in an array of colors matched with a charming shrug or soft tank or blouse reminded us of the days when women were women and dressed accordingly.

8. On a positive note, Isaac Mizrahi has to be awarded a big gold star for his stunning range of fashion and accessories available at Target. His embellished totes and easy-fit moccasins are a joy to behold and make quality fashion available at a reasonable price. The same can be said for Stella McCartney’s special designer range at H&M.

9. There was glitz and sparkles everywhere in 2005, from the simplest cotton singlet top to the finest evening wear. Love it or hate it (and I simply LOVE a bit of glitz!), the wonderfully embellished patterns on dresses, shirts, tops, shoes, bags and accessories added a touch of real glamour to this year’s fashions.

10. Mr Blackwell’s famed list of worst and best dressed for 2005 had no real surprises, other than Renee Zellweger appearing on the worst dressed list. No surprises that Courtney Love, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have all made the worst-dressed list and I’ll bet you we’ll see them appear again given some of the fashion disasters from all three celebs during 2005. Likewise, celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker deservedly reappear as does relative newcomer Scarlet Johansson.