Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Men

Searching for the top Valentine gifts for men is a challenge women of all ages share as Valentine’s Day approaches. Romantic gifts gain tremendously in the effect they have on a loved one when a little thought is put into the selection. Traditionally, men expect the uninspired and practical item that women know they truly need – they so seldom shop for these items themselves.

We’ve looked through the bestselling lists of the world’s largest stores to find gifts that men like which will add impact to your gift-giving and show that you really care.

1. 100% Cashmere Scarf in 53 Colors

Made in England from 100% ultra-soft cashmere of the finest quality, this scarf provides warmth without adding a lot of bulk around his neckline. 66 inches in length, it is just over 12 inches wide, and beautifully finished with a fringe at each end. There are 53 colors to choose from, including solid colors, checks, and tartans.

2. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

This masculine fragrance suggests Mediterranean influences of sea breezes, sun and earth. It is aromatic and woody for a touch of modern masculinity and carries an aura of fruits, herbs and woods. The fragrance mixture includes a touch of citrus, jasmine and rosemary. Excellent for casual wear.

3. GustBuster – The 62 Pro Series Gold Golf Umbrella

An award winning umbrella with a double canopy, this large umbrella has been wind-tested to 55 mph and yet remains light weight, with a super-strength fiberglass shaft. As well, the grip handles are hand-contoured rubber for comfort. It has double velcro closure straps and a pinchless open/close system. These designer features have resulted in a weight that is lighter than comparable size ordinary umbrellas. Available in a range of colors.

4. BURBERRY Brit For Men – Eau de Toilette

Again for the modern man, Brit for Men has a touch of easy elegance and an oriental touch to the woody fragrance. Has been designed to deliver a confident, sexy, and masculine scent that suggests ginger, wild rose and cedarwood. The blend includes Bergamot, Green Mandarin, Greay Musk, Nutmeg, Wild Rose, and Oriental Woods for an elegant yet manly aura.

5. Anthon Berg Chocolate Bottle Liqueurs [36CT Box]

A sweet tooth will never be able to resist these gourmet milk chocolate bottles that are filled with some of the world’s greatest liqueurs, such as Drambuie, Malibu Rum, Southern Comfort, Stoli, Grand Marnier, Stolichnaya, Jack Daniel’s, and Galliano. Anthon Berg has been preparing these liqueur filled chocolates since 1884 and has developed a reputation for chocolates of the finest quality. One of the most distinguished brand names in Denmark, they are “Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court”.

6. Gone Golfing! Golf Cart Gift Tote – Gourmet Food Gift Basket

For the outdoors man is this delightful food basket. It’s filled with enough gourmet snacks and other goodies to last a long 18 holes. Tempt him with Cookies decorated with golf balls, Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, “I Love Golf” Candy, Vintage Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Sausage, Foccaccia Crisp Crackers and “Great Golfing” Premium Coffee. Each basket includes your own personalized gift message.

7. Famous Kona Coffee & Hawaiian Coffee Sampler Gift Baskets

Coffee lovers will truly appreciate DIAMOND II. This delightful blend of pure Kona Coffee is hand selected and blended with the best tropical coffee on earth. It is carefully roasted to retain the smooth texture and rich flavor expected from Aloha Island Coffee products.

8. Fossil Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet – Chicago Sliding 2 in 1 Wallet (Color: Black)

Practical, yet elegant and hand crafted from the finest leathers. It has been accented with Fossil’s logo stamp and includes a matching key chain. Supplied in a Fossil-dsigned gift tin.

9. Masculine Men’s Heavy Stainless Steel Bracelet with Rivet highlights

Stainless steel is the hottest material to hit the jewelry industry for years and is now the rage. It stays free of rust, matches just about everything and is care free. This bracelet for men has alternating long and short links with rivets and accents of black carbon fiber. The fold over clasp ensures it will never fall off. Supplied with an elegant gift box.

10. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

A fragrance for daytime wear, it is a blend of spicy berries, lavender, citrus, and sandalwood. It suggests a spicy amber fragrance.

We’ve selected Valentine’s Day gifts for men that are bound to have a romantic impact on your loved one. This year, go beyond the simple and mundane to show that you really care and have thought about your Valentine’s Day gifts for him. The anticipation will even put joy into your shopping as well as your love life.

Bold Buttons

This season buttons are back! Buttons are now the focus point compared to the usually traditional zipper. This is a perfect trend this season for me, as buttons are way easier to repair than zippers. My winter jacket has been at the dry cleaners for two weeks now, trying to repair my zipper. I’m hoping to get it back one of these days!

This trend was seen all over the A/W 10 catwalk, from double-breasted Oscar de la Renta, military Burberry, and oversized Louis Vuitton.

Look for brass buttons worth a salute. Choose nautical colours, and keep it simple. Try with a single oversized button beneath the collar. I love Burberry Prorsum’s indigo wool-blend fisherman coat, that has a gold button fastening. This is a super luxurious way to work the season’s button trend. Wear with black accessories and thigh-high boots for a contemporary color combination.

Try a navy silk dress- an ultra-feminine way to work this season’s military trend. Try to match your accessories to the gold-tone buttons and just add ankle boots and a BE tote for stylish weekend errands.

Want buttons elsewhere? Try the sides of trousers, or even a pair of boots. Try a pair of Christian Louboutin buttoned boots- the chicest way to work this season’s military trend. Or try these in blue to incorporate a bolt of colour into your wardrobe. Pair these military-inspired heels with skinny pants and a white top for a work friendly chic look.

Try this look at home and do a little DIY. Take your favourite everyday trench and head to your local fabric store. Buy some new shiny buttons and voila- an immediate transition into this A/W10 trend.

Stylish Designer Handbags – Reputed Brands and Types

Handbags are considered one of the most essential accessories of a woman. Today the markets are hoarded with innumerable varieties of handbags including designer handbags to suit different occasions and outfits. Handbags are available in different varieties which include shapes, sizes and colors.

Designer handbags are in great use these days as it is not just stylish but also functional. Some of the well known designer brands of handbags include Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Burberry and so forth. Carrying branded handbags have become a style statement among millions of women all around the world. Today most of the celebrities flaunt expensive and chic handbags designed by some of the most reputed designers from across the globe.

Most Famous Designer Handbags

Most of the designer handbags are expensive, chic and elegant. Some of the most notable brands among them are:

Prada: One of the most reputed and noteworthy designer is Prada. These expensive and sophisticated handbags can be bought only from very few stores and websites. Made from most pure and authentic leather, the handbags can be obtained in different colors and sizes. Some of the most prominent colors are shades of red, tan, brown and black. These designers are renowned for their latest additions and unique collections.

Coach: Another distinctive and popular brand includes the Coach designer handbags. These handbags are available in different colors and are manufactured in countries such as United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. It can be purchased from any of the online and offline stores. These popular handbags are usually made from leather but nowadays a variety of materials are used to manufacture it.

Louis Vuitton: The collection of designer handbags is incomplete without the name Louis Vuitton. Known worldwide for its aesthetic beauty and elegance, it is one of the most fashionable accessories that could be owned by a woman. It is available in a huge variety of colors including grey, black, white, red and so forth. These handbags are reputed for its unique features such as its resistance to water and scratch.

Varieties in Designer Handbags

Handbags are available in different shapes and sizes. The most popular types of handbags include the following:

Clutch: Used by most of the women while attending social functions and weddings. It is a small bag without any handles which is carried in hand. It can be used for storing small items which are essential. Clutch designer handbags are popularly used by famous celebrities.

Tote: The tote bag is quite popular and is often referred to as a carry bag. It is usually used for carrying items which are too big to be contained in a purse. Comfortable and functional, the tote bags are extremely useful while travelling.

Hobo: The hobo handbags are designed in a crescent shape and are considerably larger. It is one of the most stylish handbags used by most of the women today. A wide variety of hobo handbags are available in many of the online stores today.

In order to enhance an outfit, most of the women prefer to choose designer handbags of different types. Buying different types of handbags to compliment different occasions is also a splendid idea.

Fashion on a Budget – Designer Handbags, Clothing and Shoes

There has been a lot of talk about the economy lately and the forecast isn’t looking too good which means it’s time to start looking at ways to tighten the budget and cut back on the things you don’t absolutely need. Though the thought about going without might seem grim at first, there is a silver lining when it comes to shopping. Just because you have less to spend on fashion doesn’t mean you have to stop trying completely, following is a list of tips that help the budget fashionista in all of us keep looking fabulous.


I thought starting off with the most obvious wardrobe item was a good way to kick off the list especially since a lot of us have already started thinking of spring wear, plus shopping for clothing on a budget is often the easiest. Although no one likes to worry about the economy, one positive result is retailers know that consumers are holding onto their money tighter than before, so they are more willing to hold sales and make higher decreases to entice consumers to spend. Here’s a great way to take advantage of dropping prices but still come out with the stuff you want:

  • Be a savvy sale shopper: I already mentioned how you might notice more sales and promotions from retailers in an effort to boast slow profits, so as a savvy shopper it pays off to know when your favorite store is holding a ‘secret sale’ (join a mailing list or befriend the sales staff to become a VIP), end-of-season sales (household names like Banana Republic and Macy’s hold seasonal sales where items are 40% off), watch for the buy-one-get-one-half off type of coupon sales because you can buy the non-sale item you’ve been eyeing and get another item half off.
  • Shop online: Even the most experienced shopper can find it daunting to keep up with the sale schedule at their favorite stores which is why shopping online has become so popular. Gone were the days where you weren’t sure of your size or if something looked good, most online shops allow for easy returns. But it’s better to know the types of clothes you look good so you won’t have to mail back a bunch of returns. The best part about shopping online is that often times you can find the same brands at cheaper prices because an online retailer doesn’t have to pay for retail space. If you don’t believe me, I found Rachel Pally dresses at 50% off at or check out ShopBop and click on the 70% off sale section (you’ll be amazed at what you see). Plus if you sign up for your favorite e-tailers email list, you’ll get even more savings with sale announcements and coupon codes sent right to your inbox. What’s easier than that?
  • Invest in classics: Though sale shopping can result in a ton of savings, to really save money try not to buy something you won’t end up wearing just because it is on sale. Sure a designer label pink suede skirt at 80% off is a great deal but if it’s hot outside or pink suede isn’t in style when the weather cools, you’ve wasted money that could have been used toward something you’ll wear again and again. Trends are always fun but invest in a couple of classics that can take you through an entire season. I’m thinking white wide-leg pants and a yellow dress but you can pick your favorite spring staples.
  • Vintage: If the thought of secondhand shops scares you than you haven’t been shopping at the right vintage store. Vintage can be ultra-hip and you’ll be surprised to see what you find in the right vintage store. Make sure to find one that offers items in good condition and reasonable prices (some are actually expensive) and go hunting for shift dresses, capris and 50’s style blouses that have been seen in all the fashion magazines. Plus there are even some great online vintage shops (JillsConsignment and LuxuryVintage) that carry amazing stuff in awesome condition.

Handbags and Accessories

It doesn’t matter if there are tough times or not, fashionistas are constantly on the lookout for bargains on designer handbags. The good thing is that a good designer handbag has a much longer run than designer clothing because if you invest in the right designer purse or designer jewelry you can wear it for many months as opposed to changing up your clothes due to trends and weather conditions. And even though designer “it” bags cost more than ever, the average designer label handbag costs $2k, I’ve done my homework and found ways to score a hot designer bag, designer jewelry or accessory from Prada, Gucci, Tod’s, Chloe, Anya Hindmarch, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Burberry, and even Chanel at up to 70% off retail. Don’t believe me, see for yourself:

  • Shop online: As with shopping for clothing, shopping online for designer accessories can really pay off. Unlike clothes, you don’t have to worry about how an item will fit because most reputable sites will list the exact measurements and provides photos from all angles so you can see exactly what you’re getting. Since online retailers don’t have as much overhead as say a big department store (it’s hard to find a designer handbag in a small boutique), they are able to offer substantially more savings for the exact same purse. I recently picked up an authentic Chanel handbag at for 50% off retail at and the selection is endless. Based on my budget (and a little bit of principal) I would never pay full price for a designer handbag because I know if I wait for the “it” bag craze to die down, I’ll visit my favorite site and get the bag 40% off. You can also shop for brand new designer jewelry from Chanel, Gucci and others at more than 60% off.
  • Wait for end-of-season sales: All of the major department stores mark designer handbags off toward the end of the season an although it’s nice to carry a bag as soon as the season starts, if you can hold out, you can find what you’re looking for. But if you plan to wait for these sales, make sure you are the first to know because inventory goes fast and is usually sold out the day a sale starts (if you miss the boat, visit the discount designer handbag web sites who sell authentic bags at a discounts year round).
  • Out with the old, in with the new: If you are as much of a handbag lover as I am than you probably have a couple of designer handbags lying around that you haven’t used in a while which means you can afford to get rid of them. If you sell these unused accessories on eBay or to a consignment shop, you can have some extra money to spend on the designer handbag you really want. Try it out, it won’t hurt as much as you think.
  • Vintage: More than even clothes, vintage designer handbags, jewelry and accessories (wallets, scarves, etc.) can not only save you money but even outlast many of the trendier bags. Sites like LuxuryVintage sell authentic Chanel handbags in amazing condition (little to no wear) for as low as $400 and since Chanel handbags are timeless, this is a small price to pay for a bag you can wear for years to come.
  • Don’t be a snob: In addition to the luxury leaders like Marc Jacobs and Prada, the handbag heyday has allowed for smaller labels like Elaine Turner, Tano and Pietro Alessandro to make a name for themselves. Often made from the same high end materials as couture fashion houses, it’s easier than ever to score an ultra-soft trendy handbag, like the Elaine Turner Paige Python Frame Bag or the Alex Tote, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive designer label.
  • Cheap Chic: We usually don’t like any handbags that fall into the $15-$40 range but we have to say that lines like Melie Bianco and Murval are quickly making us change our mind. We wouldn’t recommend spending your money on a bunch of cheap, poorly made handbags but if you want the look of the moment handbag, than Melie Bianco will probably have it. Visit and be amazed at how Melie Bianco manages to make such stylish and gorgeous handbags at such unbelievable prices.


There is not a lot of advice we have on shoes because we think that most savvy shoppers (who are women at least) have this category covered but we’ll include a couple of pointers just in case you need a refresher:

  • Invest in a good pair: Shoes are quickly becoming like designer handbags in the fact that they are wildly expensive and there are now a ton of “must-have” styles. Christian Louboutin is the leader of the pack, followed closely by Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanik but finding a pair of these beauties at a discount can be pretty tricky but not unheard of. If must have another pair of shoes (to add to the 30 you already have), than try to invest in as much shoe as you can afford. Maybe we walk a lot but we’ve found that investing in a good pair of shoes (leather upper and leather sole) can take us a long way.
  • Online: There are a ton of online sites selling only footwear and it’s sometimes hard to go through them all but the one good thing about so many choices is that there is more competition which means that price points will be lower. We haven’t found a ton of online sites that we like to shop at for shoes because we tend to shop for more high end brands (goes back to that investment thinking) and there aren’t a lot of sites that sell expensive shoes but one place I have found luck at saving money is eBay (yes, eBay). I would never purchase a designer handbag from eBay because there is no way to guarantee that you are actually getting an authentic designer handbag but shoes are less likely to be knocked off. But be prepared to search often because the selection is limited however you can find some amazing deals (brand new Lanvin flats for $200 or Prada heels for $100). So brush up on your bidding war skills because wining a pair of Manola Blanik Mary Janes is harder than actually walking in them.
  • Sales: Like clothes and designer accessories, the best and easiest way to save money is to know when your favorite shoe store is having a sale, but the early bird gets the worm in shoes sales because if there is one thing women have in common its shoes.

So although a slow economy can be a huge drain on your wallet, just remember that looking good doesn’t have to suffer a recession as well. Become an experienced (and smart) shopper and you’ll ride out tough times with the shirt on your back.